We have over 20 years of exprience of sourcing, blending and packing dry products under our own labels and for numerous other company labels. We are certified by the Soil Association to blend and pack Organic products so we can handle Organic and non-organic alike. This service falls into 3 categories:

Contract Packing - the customer supplies pre-blended product or ingredients for us to blend and we pack it down into retail size sachets, which can either be a printed laminate supplied by the customer or a plain laminate which is then put into a carton supplied by the customer.

Contract Blending - we either supply the ingredients, or the customer supplies the ingredients, and the blended product is bulk packed into 10kg to 25kg bags.

Contract Manufacturing - this entails us supplying the ingredients, blending and packing them to a recipe agreed with the customer, all the customer has to do is supply any bespoke packaging required, we do the rest.

We have the facilities to manufacture Organic vegetarian/vegan 'gummi' sweets either plain or sugared and we also offer this as a contract manufacturing service. We do also have the facility to fill glass jars with liquid, up to 150ml.

The contract blending, packing side of our business is very flexible will try and accomodate any enquiry. We work with the customer so that they are supplied with what they want, when they want it.

As we use a wide array of dried Organic ingredients we also supply these in bulk to other manufacturers. The list of the ingredients that we already supply is on our Soil Association trading schedule, which can be found on the Organic Certification page. If you cannot find an Organic ingredient that you are looking for on our list please contact us and we may be able to get it for you or if not we may know some else who can.